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Timor Leste Honey Process Medium-Dark

This was a coffee bean I was particularly excited about! Several of my fellow coffee-roasting businesses were serving this at the same time and were excited to share a cup with me.

I made this as a French Press and was thrilled with it. My initial impression: It was the most well-balanced cup in terms of acidity and caramelized sugars from roasting. Neither shone brighter than the other, producing an experience I can only describe as "warm."

Obviously, the coffee itself was warm, but there was a warmness it produced in me that went beyond temperature. It was comforting and relaxing while pepping me up with the caffeine, a perfect way to start the day with a hectic life.

At the moment, I only have one pound available at this time. I fully intend on purchasing more very soon though. Be sure to get yours before it ends up in someone else's cup!

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