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Available Coffee Varieties

The varieties posted are subject to change and based on availability.

Decaf is also available for custom roast only.

Option #1

Excellent coffee for anyone starting on their coffee journey. 

Great for dark roasts and espresso.

Lighter roasts produce aromas of milk chocolate and toasted almonds.

Option #2 
El Salvador 

This is the Pawling Coffee Roaster's signature variety! 

Taken to a Medium-Dark Roast produces incredible floral and fruity aromas and the flavor never dulls based on temperature. 

This one is highly recommended!

Option #3 

This is very good for light to medium roasts. 

The aroma at medium roast produces a warm herbal aroma with friendly flavors that sit well with sipping for a long time. 

Be sure to subscribe to the Roaster's Choice Blog to keep up with the selections available. 

Custom Roasts allow you to choose the roasting level and the grind level.

Wholesale opportunities available for businesses.
Please email or call 845-559-8267 for rates.

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