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Brazil dry process Cafeicultores de Minas

Howdy neighbors!

This week I roasted 2 pounds of this variety, 2 batches medium and 1 dark.

The medium had a nice acidity to it, one that didn't go flat after cooling. In general, it might be better with a little caramelization added in with a slightly darker roast, but that's only because I'm more of a fan of that sort of flavor profile.

The acidity was very fruity and overall quite enjoyable. I think it's a great breakfast coffee for those lazy mornings where you can pour yourself a press pot and pull out a good book while sitting at the table.

I will definitely try this as an espresso, I'll keep you updated!

Feel free to reach out. I currently have 2 medium and 1 dark in stock. Order one bag or join the coffee club!

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